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SkinWave is a brand new skin wellness device that cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, and truly awakens your skins natural beauty. This multi-dimensional treatment includes an Aqua delivery system, Hydradermabrasion, Hydrogen Therapy, Electroporation and a contouring roller to make this treatment more effective and relaxing. Select "Learn more" below to read more about this service. 

Face $160.00

Face/Neck $180.00

Face/Neck/Chest $200.00

Back Treatment $400.00

What makes Skinwave different?

The Combination of unique treatment steps makes Skinwave the perfect solutions for your best skin. First, an Aqua delivery handpiece applies three dedicated solutions, while gentle extraction simultaneously removes impurity's. ONLY Skinwave has Hydrogen therapy that provides antioxidant benefits, hydration and reduces inflammation. 

Electroporation optimizes absorption while delivering red and/or blue LED therapy.

Finally, the contouring roller stimulates lymphatic circulation, massaging and relaxing the skins surface. 

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